Sunday, June 29, 2008

Coco and Potty Training Vol. 1

My roomates and i just got a new puppy named Coco, she is an Italian Greyhound. We are in the process of breaking her into the house and setting up her room as well as familiarizing her with surroundings. Coco is going to be an inside dog as the Italian Greyhound cannot survive outdoors on a regular basis.

The problem is this: Coco loves to pee, and she loves to pee on the carpet which is a big no no. Below I have outlined a few tips that I am trying in order to effectively train her. We are all gone at work during the day so we have decided to try and crate her. The crate is accessible to Coco and she can easily move around, stand up, turn around, etc. Another key is to get her into a daily routine. We have tried to maintain the following the same time everyday:
* taken outside first thing in the morning;
* feeding time;
* taken outside 10-20 minutes after eating; and
* taken out last thing at night before bedtime.
Hopefully these steps will work for Coco, I will keep you posted. I have also found some relevant Dog Training Tips on various websites.

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